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Client - (a Sweden based company specializing in MRI simulation technology)

Our client is one of the world's most proficient virtual MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) simulation platform where a virtual MRI scanner is used to educate current and future MRI operators to better help patients all around the world.

It's a new startup platform for medical students that allows them to practice MRI anywhere, any time.

Client's Requirement

Our client was in search of a knowledgeable and cost-effective vendor. The client wanted a creative and visually appealing design for a postcard, which involved multiple images within a short deadline. 


The design arrangement of the postcard contained the content and images. The images on the postcard were professionally related to the MRI services.

The Solution

Client chose the Ostrich Agency as the trusted partner for this task. We approached them and provided a clean, creative and appealing design for the postcard. With our creative designer, we prepared a dynamic, cool yet powerful design that conveyed the purpose very effectively. 


Our team received the photos and guidelines from the client and placed them where they are appropriate. Then, we received the content and instructions and made an attractive design. We grasped the concept and created a couple of design options that focused on the product's qualities. 


We adapted their logo design and creatively prepared hexagonal shapes to compliment the front page design of postcard. On the back side, we used placeholders for Postage Stamp, QR Code, and the address. We used their brand elements to create a new concept. 

The Result

With Ostrich Agency as a trusted partner, the client received a creative and high-quality postcard design. Our team worked efficiently, and saved time and cost to the client. The client was impressed with our team’s work. They liked our creative ideas so much that they used the design elements on their website. 


At the end, it's all about the client and delivering a high-quality & creative postcard design on-time.


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