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Offshore Vs Onshore Publishing: Which is better and why?

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Confused about Offshore and Onshore publishing? You are not the only one to face this dilemma. Publishing is a kind of work that needs loads of concentration and the chances of human mistakes are high here. So, earlier, it was a must to be physically present at the publishing location but thanks to technology, now it’s not required.

Let’s understand how digitalization and new technologies have changed the publishing work and also find out the better publishing tactics; offshore or onshore.

Digitalization in Publishing

Digitalization has changed a lot around us, and the publishing sector is not an exception. Digital development in publishing has made it an open market for offshore and onshore publishing and outsourced editorial work. Technology and digitalization have changed the complete publishing process. The technology and digitalization both made it possible to involve offshore and onshore facilities in publishing. All new and old publishing houses have harnessed new technologies for print-on-demand, back-end books production, better inventory control, and best outputs. The newly adopted technology-based process of printing has reduced the printing cost and enhanced the quality.

Digitalization is involved in all publishing projects from drafting the first draft and goes till the final output is received. The new technologies and rapid evolutions in printing terminologies have made the complete process complex. However, it also helped in delivering the best publishing output at a reasonable cost. In the present competitive times, only those publishing companies can survive, that choose the best agency for offshore and onshore services. Ostrich Agency has chosen to be the one to offer quality onshore and offshore services to the publishers at a competitive price.

Many publishing companies are making calculations of benefits in offshore and onshore publishing. Few companies find offshore publishing a better deal, while others believe a combination of offshore and onshore which yields more profit. The combined method is more preferred though. In this method, the publishing companies outsource the editorial and certain other job responsibilities.

The Last Word

The publications work with the onshore vendors for project management and offshore vendor for digital product creation. The best option for them will be the availability of both services under one roof.

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