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Magazine Layout Design - Keep In-house or Outsource?

Consider some of the magazines that users like to read, shop on a regular basis and learn new things. What is it about those magazines that make users want to know more?

Is it the design, the style, the brand name, content topics, or its typography? Probably, a combination of all of these, Yes? No, while there could be a bunch of reasons which you would have already deployed but many magazine publishers are secretly appointing layout design specialists and that’s offshore. Sounds too good to be true but yes, your competitor next door could have already contracted an offshore vendor and stayed ahead of the curve.

There are a few things to consider if you're thinking about outsourcing your magazine layout design. This guide will cover all of those topics as well as some you might not have considered.

Service Providers for Typesetting and Formatting

Our team assists in presenting the message in an interesting way, from the selection of appropriate typography to the placement and sizing on the page. We work a careful balance of white space and content to ensure the readability and marketability of the magazine by following the current worldwide trends in art direction.

Layout Design for Pre-Press

Our prepress layout team is experienced in all types of prepress layout design. Our team checks artworks for print-ready formats, resolutions, and typefaces. We can also undertake proofing as part of our prepress design services to ensure that colors, typefaces, and other aspects are correct.

Design services for Layouts

The team can build outstanding layout designs with a perfect combination of images, illustrations, and cartoons that are engaging in many styles and may be used effectively on the layout based on the requirements. In fact, the team may even rebuild, edit, and illustrate cartoons, illustrations, and photographs to the magazine's style guide's specifications.

When you hire layout specialists at Ostrich Agency, you place yourself ahead of any competitors that use template-driven design. Customers will remember your pages because of the unique design aspect you employed, and they will want to return because of the positive user experience you will be able to provide.

Hopefully, this article has given you enough information to begin making crucial decisions about your magazine, such as the platform to use and how to outsource it. So what are you waiting for? For more information please visit

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