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Client - JKC Website Design 

Our client is a young student who believes in giving back to the communities from which he has benefited. He is extremely passionate about football, food, cuisine, and cultures. One of his core belief is that education helps young people gain a better grasp of life and attain their long-term goals.


He is deeply concerned about the atrocities taking place in Ukraine. As a 17-year-old, since one of his main interests is football, he decided to start the #playforukraine campaign, in which he wanted to send footballs and football kits to refugee camps.

Client's Requirement

Our client was looking for a vendor who was both experienced and cost-effective. The client wanted a simple, informative and appealing website. The client has following needs for the website - 


- Client wanted their website to be personalized

- Site design that is both unique and appealing to the eye 

- Website content had to be written in entirety  

- Client wanted the website to be completed in a short time frame

- Instagram, GoFundMe pages had to be set in the parallel

The Solution

For this project, the client chose Ostrich Agency as a reliable partner. Our team received the guidelines of client and performed the following actions -  


- Designed the website that was simple, and appealing

- Placed the images and set the color format according to the client’s guidelines

- In a short period of time, we were able to produce a high-quality and innovative website

- UI/UX was decided in such a way that visitors would read and land on the donation page 

- A professional content writer was assigned to complete the website content

The Result

- The client received a innovative website

- GoFundMe page was successfully linked to the website 

- Website was pushed to live within 3-4 days

- 100% Content was published on the website

-  Integration with Google Analytics was later set up upon client’s request.

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