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Client - Lew Osteen

Lew Osteen is an award-winning writer known for his painstaking research in the writing of novels based on historical events. 


Lew Osteen is also President of OZ - OSTEEN ZALAR PUBLISHING in the United States. His diverse portfolio of publications includes Six Notch Road, The Joshua Trail, VENUS NOIRE, A SEASON OF RECKONING, and so on.


Lew’s Requirement

Lew Osteen wanted to get away from paper publishing and launch e-books. But this time, Lew wanted to launch a new digital e-book as quickly as possible,  with 100% accuracy, efficiency, on-brand, and within a tight budget. However as we started to de-brief, we needed to make a few decisions basis the context - 


  • The large size of the illustrations posed a challenge. As a result, it was difficult to find enough space between illustrations,

  • Image names and page numbers need to match,

  • The overall theme of the book had to be preserved.

The Solution

The Ostrich Agency team started working with Lew as a trusted offshore partner, providing scalability and flexibility. Asking relevant and to the point is our standard protocol and we always keep the end goal in our minds. 


As part of the solution, we determined the size of each section in the publication, as well as the exact color positions, and then our designer placed all of the display boxes in the layout.


  • Digitally, the graphics were first drawn on a standard A4 template, which left room for writing,

  • This allowed us some room to play with the background while matching up the illustrations with the text,

  • This had easily allowed our designer to accommodate the text and display the illustrations pretty well.

The Result

With our qualified designer, we changed the text, fit the images, re-setup the entire flow. The streamlined process also enabled us to produce quickly i.e. less than a week, saving both time and resources for our client.


In a nutshell, a dedicated, full-time offshore print and digital team working hand in hand resulted in cost savings and a faster time to market for the client. 

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