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Client - A Rebranding Initiative for a Dog School

This Delhi-based dog school is the fastest-growing dog training setup in India. It specializes in training dogs of all breeds and temperaments customized to each dog’s personality. It offers various dog care services, such as dog boarding, swimming Sessions, grooming, dog gym, and various in-house services. 

Client's Requirement

  1. To develop a brand and its elements such as logos, social media templates, etc.

  2. Revamp the website look and feel, UI, UX

  3. Advertising strategy including social media setup 

  4. B2C Startup Consultation i.e. Google Workspace, Calendars, Customer booking portal

The client required a mark that highlights the brand’s uniqueness, an experience that transcends across its customers in India. Client wanted to have an open and honest discussion about his company and its current marketing requirements. What would follow is the need to reproduce the website using a new design. 

The Solution

For the development of the website, the client chose the Ostrich Agency as a trustworthy partner. Through smart and creative intelligence, we shared with them and provided them with some crucial initial designs. 

Logo Design

With the help of our creative designer, we provided some great creative designs of the logo that had the power to bring change and reflect the connectivity. The logo depicts the fun and caring atmosphere that attracts the target audience. 

Homepage Design

On the home pages, we used the best content presentation pattern. Usually, we did an analysis, and made some progress, evaluated again, and continued until we reached the desired level of user interactivity.  

Website Navigation

Our skilled designer used the WIX library and its best-suited templates to design the website. We used multiple pages to see how the users interact with navigation on individual pages and the website as a whole. 


We created the images, blog pages, and brand templates for their social media activity. The layout design was created with the intention of being used on a variety of screen sizes and mobile device formats.

The Result

With our talented team of graphic designers and tech-savvy developers, the client was able to rebrand their business. Our team provided the creative and dynamic designs of the logo and templates that had the power to bring change and still continue to provide the business, design support whenever needed. 


The client was highly satisfied with our overall business rebrand delivery and was impressed with our innovative ideas and had later requested us to manage their B2B lead generation services still being successfully delivered and ongoing with Ostrich Agency.


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